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All meeting times 8pm  unless otherwise stated
Training Advisors
The Leader Training scheme involves allocating a Training Advisor to each Leader who has not yet completed their Leadership Training.  These Training Advisors are crucial to the success of the  scheme and the future prosperity of the Scout Association in Guildford East.
If you have not already been approached and think you could act as a training adviser then please contact Wayne Richardson
Please start to use the new  style BLUE forms with immediate effect. These are available online at: > Scout Information Centre catalogue > Forms & Certificates >
AANEW Adult Application (AA Form) for new appointments process.

(Note - the new blue form is likely to be updated in October 2009, so don't print off huge stocks!)
The new Appointments Process Commences in our District on 1 September 2009.

The present District Appointments Chairman, Secretary and Committee will become known as the District Appointments Advisory Chairman, Secretary and Committee. The Committee will consist of a panel of about nine members from which three at any one time will hold an informal interview with a new appointment.